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In the message “JDK 11 Early Access build 8 available,” Muneer Kolarkunnu announces that “JDK…

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JDK 11 Early Access Build 8

Posted in Java (General)

JDK-8184693 requests that the method isEmpty() be added to the Optional class introduced with JDK…

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Optional.isEmpty() Coming to Java?

Posted in Java (General) Valhalla

There have been several updates related to “Java Data Classes” (AKA “Records”) in recent months….

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Updates on Records (Data Classes for Java)

Posted in Groovy Java 10

One of the first fruits of Project Amber, Local-Variable Type Inference (JEP 286), has been…

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Clearer Code with JDK 10 Local Variable Type Inference

Posted in Humor Software Development

I previously blogged on how to effectively sweep problems under the rug in Java, but…

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Diverting Blame Effectively in Software Development